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Know Thine Enemy: Meet our creative overlord

Caleb Clark, founder

Originally born half baked in the heat of Southern California, Caleb Clark founded Enemy to Fashion in 2011 to provide well fitting apparel for the misfits of society. Currently incubating in Charlotte, North Carolina, Clark is a self-made man who is still invested in self-making the right kind of trouble in the fashion world. His meta-mantra of #PositiveVibesOnly keeps all of us forward thinking here at Enemy headquarters, and his design vision continues to exceed expectations by today and tomorrow's standards.


Existing somewhere between party crash and grid crash, Enemy to Fashion is engineered to showcase disruption. We are mystic time travelers who choose to travel to today, everyday. This moment. Because we have seen the future: and while we aren't at liberty to discuss it in detail: today is the most important day of your fucking life. We're here to help get you ready for it. And though, for obvious reasons, we can't tell you exactly what it is, trust us: you need our help. Our products have been custom programmed to systematically dissimulate you from the illusion of modernity. We design camouflage for a world not yet seen through the eyes of non-believers. So don't get distracted, be the distraction. Your future/ past selves will thank you for it.



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