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VIEW FINDER: Constructive Narrative Photography Exhibit

VIEW FINDER: Constructive Narrative Photography Exhibit Posted on

On Friday, July 29th, in the southend area of Charlotte, at C3 Labs, there was an interesting exhibit opening up for all the public to see. Enemy's own photographer, Katherine Kirchner, had her fabulous displays of a project called "FALLEN" that she did with Caleb, owner of Enemy, and the handmade parachute dress he crafted. When 7pm hit, everyone flood in to see many talented photographers including Tiffany Lang, Mahy Por, Ty Brown, Dantek (to name a few) and see what they have created for this lovely gallery. Katherine had large print outs of 3 pictures, which included 3 different girls wearing the parachute dress. It was beautiful. Everyone was blown away by the 3 complete opposite moods each picture carried throughout, making it even easier to stand and stare at it all night. Oh, and did we mention that the dress was on display as well!? It was a sight to see. The two had hoisted it up and cascaded it from the ceiling for everyone to enjoy on the opening night. Guests had a great time walking inside of the dress to take some cool, pink-hued pictures. 


Ultimately, it was a grand night at C3 labs, but do not worry, the exhibit is still up for 2 weeks, and you can still swing by to check the awesomeness until August 12th. 





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