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Social Media Takeover: Smoot Day

Social Media Takeover: Smoot Day Posted on

I rustled in my gossamer envelopment and shook the sleep from eyes. The dim light of daybreak cast diaphanous lariats across my visage. The imprint of Morpheus’ grasp still lingered on my countenance. Yet the soft contours of the pup filter obscured all this, or rather paired with my recitation of a grim Malraux quote provided what was intended to be a darkly humorous juxtaposition. Where Paka’s story had begun with a glimpse of hope mine instead began with a gasp of nihilism. I could say, “I hope you enjoyed my takeover day,” but that’s not really what snapchat or any social media is all about. All that really matters is that I jerked off my ego a whole lot and I did that.




 [Smoot is all things tech savvy at Enemy to Fashion and took over social media for us on Wednesday June 22nd for our week of Studio Social Takeovers. Follow him on instagram @lilsmooty and snap @yungschlerm.] 

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