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Social Media Takeover: Paka Day

Social Media Takeover: Paka Day Posted on

Yesterday I took over the Enemy To Fashion Snapchat, and I gotta say for someone without Snapchat I was kind of entertained with it. I mean, I can't imagine how other people felt about it, but I hope it was fun to look at me making a mockery of my best friend in Wii U Smash Bros. Well I guess I could say I heard a few opinions of it through Caleb Clark and the chats some people sent directly. I stirred up a lot of talk apparently. I hope people got a kick of me just being myself! I saw it as an opportunity to get these people I've never met before to get a glimpse into a unique black boy from Atlanta, Georgia. I mostly enjoyed it because I'm sure some people were very confused by me being into the color pink or the rainbow emoji then turn around and be into Pink Floyd, Earl Sweatshirt and Frank Sinatra. I'm a diverse kid, what can I say? Since I was young people called me gay for being so different. People literally don't know how to take me when they meet me. They see my skin and expect a few things, and I'm all over the fucking place so fortunately they can't put me in a box. I love that I made people feel so strongly about my personality because it would be un-enemy of me to be taken indifferently by the people. At the end I told everyone to fight to be themselves, regardless of what people think…because it's the most freeing thing in the world. If you're not being your self everyday, every chance you get, you’re simply selling yourself short. In fact, it’s toxic to your cellular make up, seriously! What you think alters your matter. Meaning your cells in your bod literally react to your thoughts. If you're thinking of being a Kardashian or Ian Connor your cells are telling you "hey I can't do that, I can't turn into anything else but you!" And that causes a disruption in your matrix. Hence why people are sometimes depressed or just unsatisfied with who they are. And it isn't easy by any means, but that's why it takes some soul searching and some looking in the mirror. I don't have a Snapchat, and I don't know when I will download the app again. Maybe when I'm asked to do another takeover, but when I do just know I'll be doing what Paka does 24/7, 365.                                                                                     




[Paka is an intern (design, social, + music) at Enemy to Fashion and took over social media for us on Monday June 20th for our week of Studio Social Takeovers. Follow him on instagram @marleypitch.]

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