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Social Media Takeover: Kitty Day

Social Media Takeover: Kitty Day Posted on

I took over the Enemy social media on Monday, June 27th. Normally I am doing a lot of social media work here so I am pretty used to it. But I have never run the Snapchat before and I do have to say it is more work than you would expect. I hate being in front of a camera. Hate it. I don’t like selfies and I don’t like to hear my voice recorded, so I had to get over that a little bit. But, a lot of my experience at Enemy this summer has been to push my boundaries and take me out of my polite, little comfort zone. So I sucked it up as much as I could, but I do have to admit that my cat Lyla was probably on my Enemy to Fashion snap story more than I was.

During the snap takeover I feel like I spent a lot of my day thinking about what I was going to post. It's different posting something on a space that isn't normally yours. It kind of made me realize how posed social media can get. I think I taunted Lyla with a hundred treats to make her sit the way I wanted for a photo. It's completely insane. But people love it. I love it. 




[Kitty is an intern (social, marketing, rep stuff) at Enemy to Fashion and took over social media for us on Monday June 27th as the last day for our week of Studio Social Takeovers. Follow her on instagram + snapchat @kaitlinpetroni.]

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